To Grandmother’s House We Go!

Jon and I are about to move to our 5th apt in five years. My grandma, on the other hand, has lived in the same house since 1951. Thats 64 years!!

Her house is an amazing relic of our family. She keeps some incredible momentos from the past, including every card any of her children, grandchildren or great grandchildren ever sent.

Design wise, the house has rarely been updated so you can see nods of the many different decades that she has lived through. I had hoped to take more pictures but my camera died – expect more some time in the future.

blurryThis unintentionally came out blurry but i actually like how it came out!

cabinetSince I can remember, she has always kept a dresser filled with pictures and cards.

diningThat wallpaper color.

gma fridgeFridge filled with love.



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